SpaceGate supports users in converting token assets across blockchains. Especially from TOMOE (Ethereum) -> VIC (Viction). You can read about TOMOE in the section below.

Besides TOMOE, other tokens that are also supported on Spacegate are C98 (Coin98), and SAROS (Saros), offering the following routes:

  • TOMOE (Ethereum) -> VIC(Viction)

  • C98 (BEP20) <> C98 (VRC25) <> C98 (ERC20)

  • SAROS (VRC25) <> SAROS (SPL)

How to convert tokens on SpaceGate?

  • To use the cross-chain bridges, you need to pay several types of fees as follows: protocol fees, bridging fees (withdraw fee), and network fees (which are charged in the father token of each blockchain such as BNB for converting C98 Bep20 to others, ETH for C98 ERC20, SOL for C98 SPL, and MATIC for C98 PRC20). Please check further details on the fees here.

  • Each asset will have a limit on the number of tokens in a single conversion transaction - For C98, you can convert a minimum of 10 C98 and a maximum of 50,000 C98 per transaction - For VIC, you can convert a minimum of 10 VIC and a maximum of 5,000 per transaction

Kindly refer to the detailed guide on how to swap on Spacegate below:

What is TOMOE?

VIC-wrapped ETH, called TOMOE, is an ERC20 token hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and backed by an equal amount of native VIC (on the Viction blockchain). One TOMOE is worth the same as one native VIC at any given moment.

What’s the difference between TOMOE & VIC?

  • VIC is the native token used on the Viction network.

  • TOMOE is an ERC20 token hosted on the Ethereum network. TOMOE represents a 1:1 value with VIC.

  • To have a well-rounded DeFi experience on Viction, you are highly recommended to convert TOMOE > VIC.

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