How to verify if a contract has been issued via VICIssuer

In this article, we will cover for how to verify the token contract had been issued by VICIssuer


A token cantract is issued by VICIssuer (Guide:

Verify the token contract

Open the contract detail URL on the Vicscan or VICIssuer UI

Click on the Contract tab & click on Verify & Publish button

Fulfill the details for:

  • Contract Address: Fetched the contract address automatically

  • Contract Name: If you create a token via Viction Issuer then the name should be

    • MyVRC25Mintable for Reissueable token (selected when issuing)

    • MyVRC25 for Non-reissueable token

  • Complier: Select the compiler version v0.7.6 for verifying the contract is issued from VicIssuer

  • Click on the “Add Solidity Source Code“ to input the source code.

    • File name can be any thing without space or special characters.

    • Solidity Source Code: copy & paste your source code from the VicIssuer screen. If you forget about it, Please view the token info to get it again.

The Contract is verified successfully

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