Proposals start as a summary post on Telegram, and the Forum, then fill in the form by a potential project. Forum is a place for projects to engage with the community, get feedback on their proposal, and answer any relevant questions. Projects can then submit their proposal to the TomoMasterDAO Board through the governance platform. The scope of proposals includes launching a new project on the Viction network, building software, community initiatives, and marketing campaigns. There is scope to expand the scope of proposals in the future to cross-chain partnerships and projects outside of the Viction ecosystem.

If the proposal meets the appropriate criteria, the TomoMasterDAO Board can post the proposal to the governance platform. With the creation of the proposal, the TomoMasterDAO Board puts forward a recommended outcome based on the Board rating in the case that the vote does not reach quorum. The recommended outcome is to ensure that projects applying do not lose out due to low voter turnout in TomoMasterDAO’s initial stages. The recommended outcome can be phased out in the future when proposals reach quorum on a regular basis. The process flow for project owners is displayed in Figure 2.


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