How to utilize and trade tDAO

tDAO is the main token for the governance of the TomoMasterDAO. With tDAO, users can vote for projects applying for grants provided by the TomoMasterDAO.

The goal of tDAO is to allow users to have a say in funding decisions, in which allocations will be distributed to projects built on top of the Viction ecosystem.

tDAO is tradable on LuaSwap, Viction's main DEX. tDAO is only available on the Viction network, so please check you have the right network connection before making a swap on-chain, as well as $VIC in your wallet as gas fee for the transaction.

The instruction to make a sway on LuaSwap can be found here. Please make sure to choose $tDAO as the token you want to swap to.

The Token contract for tDAO is 0x4EaafA85bDBe9B02930926C594F83e62B036B1be

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