Voting and Outcome


The voting period lasts for 7 days for proposals, and 5 days for temperature checks. In this time, users cast their vote by connecting their wallet holding the governance. Voting is carried on the proposal dashboard on the governance platform. Snapshot automatically calculates the voting power. Once a vote has been cast it can be changed but not undone. The process flow for Voters can be seen in Figure 3.

At the conclusion of the voting period, Voters receive a reward paid into their wallet. The reward is a preset value set at the creation of the proposal. Reward size is in relation to the size of the proposals, with larger proposals having more rewards available. This reward is split evenly between voting members irrespective of voting power. The reward system is a key element that separates TomoMasterDAO from other governance platforms.


At the conclusion of the voting period there are 4 possible outcomes:

  • Quorum reached;

    • With majority - proposal passed

    • Without majority - proposal defeated

  • No Quorum;

    • TMD Board rating sufficient - proposal passed

    • TMD Board rating insufficient - proposal defeated

Allocation of Funds and Project Followup

In the event of a proposal passing, 50% of funds are allocated to the team. The project is required to produce a timeline with major milestones. The team has 90 days to complete the proposal. If more time is required, the team can apply for an extension through the TomoMasterDAO Board. On completion of the proposal, the remaining 50% of funds are sent to the project team. The TomoMasterDAO Board remains in contact with the project team to track progress and update the community.