Getting Started

The documents contained are intended to educate users on Viction's technology and to provide developer tutorials and documentation for building solutions on Viction public blockchain.

  • For Voters/Stakers: Staking on Viction Masternodes secures the network and earns rewards. More information can be in our guide on how to connect wallets to Viction and how to vote.

  • For Masternode Owners: 150 Masternodes work to secure the entire Viction ecosystem. Each Masternode is a server that uses its computing power to create and sign blocks. For this contribution, Masternodes receive rewards in the form of VIC. A Masternode must satisfy minimum system requirements in computing power, RAM, and storage to stably maintain the network. A financial requirement of 50,000 VIC is needed to apply to become a Masternode Candidate. Masternode owners should carefully read our dedicated guide to running a Masternode, using tmn and Docker, along with our tutorial on the Viction Medium page and wiki page.

  • For Developers: To support the development of Viction's ecosystem growth, we are maintaining a set of tutorials and documents on developing Dapps to be run on Viction. This Dapp tutorial shows how to deploy a smart contract on Viction. For developers who are curious about Viction's source code, this private Viction testnet guides how to set up a private Viction testnet.



Guidelines for getting started with Viction and Viction World Wide Chain

Guides to build Dapps and services using Viction and Viction World Wide Chain

Step-by-step guide on how to run and vote for Masternodes

This document explains how to use Viction APIs

Frequently asked questions about Viction

Official Whitepaper documents and research papers on new technology developments

Terms and conditions for the use of Viction technology

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