How to Verify & Publish Contract Source Code on VicScan

Issue a token on VicIssuer

To issue a token on VicIssuer, ensure you've completed the preceding steps. Once done, proceed to the final step outlined below. For detailed guidance, refer to the instructions here

Ensure that all detail is correct then click on the Issue Token button. The code here is only displayed in this step. Hence It is recommended that you copy & store it to your file. So you can use it to perform the contract verification later on.

If you didn't copy the source code here, there is no way for you to go back to copy it again

Allow the connection to the site, then confirm the deployment of a new contract via the wallet pop-up. Once completed, a success pop-up will be displayed.

View the contract at the dashboard of VicIssuer. Click on the contract address to view on explorer

Verify & Publish Contract Source Code on VicScan

Step 1: Click on the Contract tab & click on Verify & Publish button

Step 2: Fill in the following information

  • Contract Address: Fetched the contract address automatically

  • Contract Name: If you create a token via Viction Issuer then the name should be

    • MyVRC25Mintable for Reissueable token (selected when issuing)

    • MyVRC25 for Non-reissueable token

  • Complier: Select the compiler version v0.7.6 for verifying the contract is issued from VicIssuer

  • Click on the “Add Solidity Source Code“ to input the source code.

    • File name can be any thing without space or special characters.

    • Solidity Source Code: Copy & paste your source code from the VicIssuer screen.

Step 3: The Contract is verified successfully

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