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In today's digital landscape, the consistent availability of data within blockchain systems is as critical as its integrity and security. We are proud to unveil the Viction Data Availability (DA) Network, a cutting-edge module crafted to ensure that data is securely stored and remains retrievable and verifiably available across decentralized platforms. This module is powered by the GlitchD product suite, functioning at the application layer and drawing inspiration from the pioneering DA network frameworks.

Key Features of Viction Data Availability Network

  • Data Availability Sampling (DAS): Empowers light nodes to efficiently verify data availability without downloading entire blocks, thus enhancing network scalability.

  • Namespaced Merkle Trees (NMTs): Organizes data into namespaces, allowing applications to download only the relevant data, optimizing bandwidth usage.

Architecture and Scalability

The Viction DA Network boasts a robust architecture, incorporating 2D Reed-Solomon (RS) encoding for data expansion and protection. This design creates a fault-tolerant and scalable system, enabling light nodes to participate in data verification without facing prohibitive data or computational demands.

Data Integrity and Audit

To maintain data integrity, the network employs advanced cryptographic techniques for secure data extension and verification. It also includes a framework for fraud proofs, enabling nodes to challenge and verify data correctness, ensuring the reliability of the extended dataset.

Applications and Interoperability

The Viction DA Network enables a wide array of applications to benefit from its scalable and secure data availability features, such as:

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Where accurate and readily available data is essential for smart contracts and transaction verification.

  • Gaming Platforms: Ensuring game state integrity and fair play across decentralized networks.

  • Enterprise Solutions: Where data auditability and availability are critical for supply chain tracking and other data-driven operations.

  • And many more…

The Ecosystem Integration

Seamlessly integrated with Viction and the GlitchD product suite, the DA Network is designed to work in harmony with existing rollup stacks including zkEVMs (Polygon & GlitchD) and OP stacks (ARB & OP). The integrations provide a comprehensive ecosystem for developers and enterprises looking to leverage blockchain technology for reliable data availability and integrity.

Innovation Prospects

To position the Viction Data Availability Network as a superior alternative to the competition, we are implementing innovative strategies and improvements. Here are some areas where we outshine the competition:

  • Improved Data Encoding Schemes: Experiment with advanced data encoding techniques that go beyond the 2D Reed-Solomon encoding to provide even more efficient data availability checks.

  • Advanced Cryptographic Methods: Incorporate cutting-edge cryptographic research such as recursive SNARKs or STARKs to improve the scalability and efficiency of the data availability proofs.

  • Multi-Namespace Support: Create a system that allows multiple namespaces to be more efficiently processed and validated simultaneously, reducing overhead for applications that need to interact with multiple datasets.

  • Intelligent Data Storage and Retrieval: Employ AI-driven algorithms to predict and cache frequently accessed data, thereby speeding up data retrieval times and reducing network load.

  • Quantum-Resistant Cryptography: Anticipate future cryptographic challenges by incorporating quantum-resistant algorithms to safeguard against emerging threats.

  • Customizable Data Availability Solutions: Offer tailored data availability solutions for specific industry needs, providing more flexibility than a one-size-fits-all approach.


The Viction Data Availability Network is set to redefine data availability standards within the blockchain space. Offering unparalleled scalability, security, and efficiency, this product developed with GlitchD Labs, promises reliability and performance modern decentralized applications demand.

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