What are Voter incentives? Do Voters get rewards too?

Token voters should vote for the Candidates that demonstrate strong support to the Viction ecosystem. If strong Candidates are voted to become Masternodes, the network will be more powerful and the voters will earn more rewards.

More information on the voting and reward mechanism can be found in the Economics paper.

Can you stake VIC?

Yes, you can stake VIC and receive VIC as rewards.

How do I Stake?

To stake in Viction you must participate in the Viction Masternode election, voting for Masternode Candidates using VicMaster to deposit your tokens in a voting smart-contract.

Login to your wallet at VicMaster and click 'Vote' on a node that you choose from the list of Masternodes displayed.

How does the Viction Masternode system work?

Everyone can find a list of all Masternode Candidates on VicMaster. All token holders can vote VIC on any candidates via VicMaster. To vote, token holders must deposit VIC in a smart-contract associated with the voted Candidate.

The top-150 most-voted Candidates will be promoted to Masternode status during the next epoch and will be able to sign blocks and collect rewards. All the voters (stakers) who support the elected Masternodes will receive rewards, proportional to the amount of VIC voted and the efficiency of the Masternode.

How do I vote (stake)?

Any token holder can vote. Login to VicMaster and then click 'Vote' on a node. Then enter the amount of VIC to vote (minimum is 100 VIC). Vote by depositing (staking) tokens to a smart-contract associated with a Masternode Candidate.

There are many ways to vote in VicMaster:

  • Voting from Viction Wallet (coming soon)

  • Voting from TomoWallet (sunset soon - 31/12/2023)

  • Voting from Ledger wallet

  • Voting from Trezor wallet (same as Ledger)

  • Voting via MetaMask (can be connected to your hardware wallets).

  • Voting from TrustWallet

How do I vote/stake from the TomoWallet app on my phone?

Please, read the following guide.

Or watch this video:

How do I vote from my Ledger Nano S?

Plug in your Ledger and open the Ethereum App. Go to VicMaster.

Login in the top-right corner and select Ledger from the drop-down menu.

Change the HD path to m/44'/60'/0'

You should see your VIC balance.

To see a list of nodes click on the VicMaster homepage button - top left corner. Next to each node should be a 'Vote' button. When voting you will need to confirm transaction on your Ledger.

Can I stake on multiple Masternodes via Ledger?

Yes, you can.

My Ledger is not working?

Probably your Ledger firmware version is incompatible. Upgrade your Ledger to the newest firmware. Occasionally a new version could also be problematic and using a previous firmware version may be required.

Can I use Trezor to vote for Masternodes?

Yes. VicMaster supports Trezor now.

What criteria must be considered when voting? Which Masternode Candidate should I vote for?

The most important criteria to maximize voter profit when voting, are the following:

  • Top-150 most voted: Your Candidate must be one of the top-150 most-voted. If your candidate gets in the 151th voted position, it will not be promoted to Masternode status and you will earn zero rewards.

  • Hardware, Performance: Powerful CPU, RAM, bandwidth, latency, etc so the node can work hard and receive high rewards

  • Number of signed blocks: The more signed blocks per epoch, the higher the rewards

  • Time of last signed block: Verify that the Masternode is active

  • Total Capacity: Staking rewards are shared among all the Masternode votes. Less voted Masternodes are more profitable. 5K staked on a 50K-staked Masternode will receive ten times more rewards than 5K staked on a 500K total staked Masternode.

  • Social Proof, Reputation: Masternodes managed by trusted companies that are for the long term, maintaining the Masternode, updating hardware and software to last versions, fixing problems, etc.

How many Masternode Candidates can I vote for?

You can vote for as many candidates as you wish, splitting your VIC.

Example: If you have 1,000 VIC you can vote 500 VIC for candidate A, 400 VIC for candidate B, and 100 VIC for candidate C.

What is the minimum amount to Stake?

The minimum amount to stake is 100 VIC.

Which hardware-wallet can I use to vote?

You are able to use hardware wallets (Ledger, Trezor) with MyEtherWallet or Metamask. You can also directly connect to the Viction Mainnet with Ledger/Trezor and vote on VicMaster.

Is it possible to re-invest the VIC earned and use it to continue voting?

Yes, it is.

Is there a way to stake the earned rewards automatically?

This is not supported currently.

What happens if the Masternode I voted for stops working? Will I get my VIC back?

Yes. You can unvote from that Masternode and take your tokens back after 96 epochs (approx. 48 hours) which is the lock-up period.

How do I Unvote?

If you do not want to support a Masternode you voted for, you can unvote by clicking the ‘Unvote’ button on the Masternode's page and enter the amount of VIC you wish to unvote.

After unvoting, your VIC are still locked in the smart contract for 96 epochs (approx. 48 hours) before you are able to withdraw. When the lockup period is finished you need to click the ‘Withdraw’ button and the coins will appear again on your wallet.

How do I withdraw after unvoting?

After unvoting, you need to wait until your VIC is unlocked from the smart contract (96 epochs, approx. 48 hours). Then you can go to VicMaster and click the 'Withdraw' button in your account page (the three vertical dots on the top-right) and choose which withdrawal you want to receive back your VIC.

Note that you might see multiple withdrawals on your account page if you made multiple unvotes previously.

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