What are the incentives for partners and Dapp developers to build on Viction?

Building on Viction isn't just about leveraging advanced blockchain technology—it's about thriving in a supportive and vibrant ecosystem. Here’s how we empower our partners and developers with our holistic support:

The win-for-all technical core

  • Scalability and Performance: Viction's technical infrastructure, powered by the Proof of Staked Vote (PoSV) mechanism, supports up to 150 masternodes, ensuring high throughput and reliable performance. This structure allows for a fair distribution of block rewards and a double-validation process that enhances the security and consistency of block production​

  • Innovative Features and Integration Capabilities: With cross-chain interoperability through the Viction World Wide Chain, developers can create more flexible and interconnected applications. This integration capability allows applications on Viction to seamlessly interact with other blockchains, expanding the potential use cases and user reach.

  • Zero Gas Fee Transactions: A standout feature of Viction is the elimination of gas fees through the VRC25 token standard. This approach not only lowers the barrier for new users and developers but also significantly reduces the operational cost of running applications on the blockchain

  • Data Availability Powered by Viction DA: This will support the scalability of the blockchain. By ensuring data is readily available and accessible, Viction helps maintain the efficiency and speed of transactions across the network, which is critical for applications that require high throughput and rapid processing times.

  • Security and Decentralization: Viction prioritizes a secure and decentralized network. This focus not only enhances the safety of deployed applications but also aligns with the ethos of blockchain technology—promoting a decentralized and user-empowered framework.

  • Developer-Friendly Tools: Viction provides a range of tools and resources that simplify the development process. From comprehensive documentation to active community support and developer incentives, Viction aims to lower the barrier to entry for new developers and support the ongoing projects of experienced developers.

  • Supportive Community and Ecosystem: The Viction community offers a supportive network for developers, including forums, technical support, and regular updates. This community-driven approach helps foster innovation and collaboration among developers, enhancing the overall ecosystem.

Network opportunity

Viction receives support from the Ninety Eight Ecosystem, as well as numerous close partners and projects.

Marketing Amplification

Visibility is vital in the crowded blockchain space. That’s why we support you to amplify your project through our dynamic marketing channels. Whether it’s spotlighting your work on our influential social media platforms, or featuring you in our widely-read community updates, we're passionate about telling your story, highlighting your progress, and celebrating your milestones as part of the broader Viction journey.

Also, our marketing grants are crafted to maximize your visibility and impact:

  • Marketing Grants on Quest Platform

  • Influencer Outreach

  • Coin98 Network support

Besides, communication is the cornerstone of collaboration. Viction provides unparalleled access to communication channels that connect you with a global audience.

Financial Empowerment

At Viction, we believe in nurturing potential and fueling innovation. That's why we offer diversified financial incentives, including development grants and funding to reduce barriers and foster innovation across our platform.

  • Milestone-Based and KPI-Based Grants: We support your journey through targeted grants that reward achieving specific milestones and KPIs, such as user acquisition. These grants are renewable, ensuring continued support as you meet new milestones.

  • Lifetime Gas Grants: For ecosystem projects applying our VRC25 token standard, we provide lifetime gas grants to eliminate the cost barriers associated with transaction fees, allowing you to scale smoothly and efficiently.

  • Pitching Opportunities: Gain exclusive access to pitch your project to Arche Fund (Ventures) and Kompass (Accelerator program) within the Ninety Eight Ecosystem, opening doors to potential investment and accelerated growth.

At Viction, your journey is supported every step of the way—from inception to launch and beyond. We're more than a platform; we're your partner in the blockchain space. Ready to start building? Connect with us at and join a community where innovation meets opportunity.

Where can I check the actual product ecosystem and partnerships?

All partnership and ecosystem announcements can be found on our blog and our official Twitter account for partnership announcements.

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