Token Allocation - 100,000,000 tDAO

The allocation of tokens will follow three separate phases; initial distribution, future distribution, and vested tokens. The total token supply will be 100,000,000 tDAO. The initial distribution (20%) of tokens will be through an Initial Decentralised exchange Offering (IDO) on LuaStarter, an airdrop, and farming rewards. The future distribution (5%) will go to farming rewards and distribution to active voters and participants in TomoMasterDAO. Vested tokens (71%) for the team, and the governance treasury will follow 2 vesting schedules. Tokens for the team will follow a shorter vesting schedule, and the governance treasury will follow a longer 8-year schedule. The breakdown of tokens is demonstrated in the table below



% of Supply


TomoMasterDAO Team



Governance Treasury



Public Sale (IDO)






Liquidity Pair Creation


Initial Farming Rewards



Active Voters



Future Farming Rewards


Governance Treasury

The governance treasury will be used to supplement funding for the TomoMasterDAO ecosystem through rewards for voters and funding for proposals.

The treasury will be time locked for a period of 2 years with the Viction Foundation Fund being the sole source of funding for TomoMasterDAO. After this 2 year period, the treasury will unlock and be used as additional funds to make up for the block rewards reduction on the Viction network. The vesting period will be 8 years for the treasury where 80% of the treasury tokens will be distributed.

At the end of the 10 year cycle (2 year of time-locked, and 8 year vested), the community can vote on what to do with the remaining tokens. If additional funding exceeding the vested amount if required, it will be put to a community vote. This will ensure that the token supply enters the market slowly to minimize fluctuations in price. The treasury will provide great opportunities for long-term growth and development in the Viction ecosystem. The use of these treasury funds will be determined by the voters and projects.

Token Distribution

Tokens will be available through the IDO or users eligible for the airdrop. The public sale will take place first on LuaStarter with 4,000,000 tokens available for purchase. The tDAO token will then launch on LuaSwap offering generous APY for liquidity providers. An airdrop will take place distributing tokens to masternodes and voters staking for those masternodes. Active Voters will be rewarded with tDAO tokens through competitions and participation in the governance process. A visual breakdown of the token allocation it demonstrated in Figure 4. \

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