TomoMasterDAO Board

The TomoMasterDAO Board is made up of elected community members and core TomoMasterDAO team members. At its initiation, there will be 3 internal members and a maximum of 4 external members chosen by the community.

The role of the TomoMasterDAO Board is to evaluate the legitimacy of the proposal and the team behind it. It is critical to vet the team to ensure that funds are not misappropriated. Board members will receive rewards for their role in managing TomoMasterDAO. The aim is to transition to a fully external board in the future.

Each Board member rates the proposal and team following a preset criteria. The criteria includes:

  • The legitimacy of the team,

  • Proposal benefits,

  • And relevance to the Viction network.

Proposals that pass the criteria are then eligible for a vote. If the vote does not reach quorum, the result will be determined by the Board rating. Extra board responsibilities include following up with projects that have received funding to track progress and reaching out to development teams to encourage projects to apply for funding.

TomoMasterDAO presents: AMA with the 2023 Board Members

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