Coin98 Super Wallet

Coin98 is the #1 crypto super app designed to seamlessly connect a billion users to the crypto world safely and securely.This guide shows detailed steps on how to use and connect Coin98 Super Wallet t

I. How to install Coin98 Super Wallet

Coin98 Super Wallet is available for download at:

II. How to create and restore a wallet on the Coin98 Super Wallet

Create a wallet for Viction on the Coin98 Super Wallet

Step 1: Open Coin98 Super Wallet & click Manage Wallets on the home screen

Step 2: Click the Add Wallet icon at the top right corner;

Step 3: Select wallet type: Hot Wallet. You can choose other wallet types depending on your desire, such as Social Wallet, Zen Card, Hardware Wallet, or Watch-only to observe the other wallets.

Step 4: Select MultiChain or Viction → Then click Create

When you create a multichain wallet, you can store and manage assets across numerous chains all in one place. Meanwhile, when you create a Viction wallet address, you can only access coins/tokens/NFTs on Viction

Step 5: Name the wallet and select Next.

You can choose the icon on the top right corner to choose Seed Phrase Type. Coin98 supports generating 2 types Seed Phrase: 12 words and 24 words. The 12 words seed phrase is set as default.

Step 6:

  • Back up your Seed Phrase and Private Key in a safe place. (Note: This is an extremely important step that directly affects your assets. If you unintentionally reveal it, this means that you are more prone to lose your wallet to someone else).

  • Re-enter your Seed Phrase into the reconfirmation box.

  • Read the warnings carefully, then select three checkboxes to confirm your awareness of the risks when losing keys.

  • Click Create Wallet to complete.

Once completed, the wallet will be displayed on the main interface. You can also access diverse features of Coin98 Super Wallet.

Restore a wallet on the Coin98 Super Wallet

If you’ve already had a Viction wallet address, you can simply restore it on Coin98 Super Wallet by following these steps:

Step 1: Open the Coin98 Super Wallet & click Manage Wallets on the home screen.

Step 2: Click the Add Wallet icon

Step 3: Select a wallet type and choose the Viction icon → click Restore

Step 4: Name the wallet and enter the saved Seed Phrase to restore. Click Restore.

III. How to add a custom Network on Coin98 Super Wallet

In case users want to interact with other blockchains aside from Viction, complete these steps as follows:

Step 1: Click More from the home screen → Select Custom Network.

Step 2: Click (+) on the top right corner.

Step 3: To add the custom network that you want to use via Coin98 Super Wallet you have to fill in the information below:

  • Profile (optional)

  • Name of the Network


  • Chain ID

  • Symbol

  • Block Explorer URL (optional)


  • For the Testnets and Mainnets available in the Profile of the Coin98 Super Wallet, the user only needs to select the name of the Network. The system will automatically fill all fields after that. Currently, Coin98 Super Wallet has updated 34+ available profiles.

  • For Networks that are not available in the Profile, you can manually enter the required parameters that are provided on the official websites of those Networks.

Step 4: Click Create to complete the process.

III. How to send/ receive a token

How to send a token

Step 1: Click Send on the Wallets interface.

Step 2: Place an amount of VIC you want to send out

Step 3: Fill the wallet address and send a message to the recipient (if any).

Step 4: Click Slide to Send to finish the process.

How to receive a token

Step 1: Select a coin/token on the main interface.

Step 2: Click Receive.

Step 3: Copy the wallet address to senders, and then you are ready to receive the coin/ token to this wallet address.

And that’s it! You should now see your wallet, ready to send and receive funds.

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