Viction Testnet

The Testnet network is meant to be a public demo of products and a way for to test new features.


  • ChainID: 89

  • RPC endpoint:

  • Websocket endpoint: wss://

  • HD derivation path: m/44'/60'/0'/0/

  • Consensus: POSV

  • Block finality: >75%

  • Consensus nodes: up to 150 (masternodes)

  • Solidity Compiler version: <= 0.8.17

Stats page

Block Explorer

Governance Dapp

VICMaster Smart Contract: for staking and applying a new masternode


VIC Issuer



Stats websocket secret


Host: wss://

For developers

Testnet is the best way to test smart contracts. Configure the deployment tool (truffle for example) to connect to the testnet and deploy new code without having to worry about fees.

For investors and enthusiasts

The Testnet is the exact same ecosystem as that on the actual Mainnet.

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